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Enjoy a better relationship with your doctor.

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What is Concierge Medicine?

At a typical primary care practice, your doctor is usually seeing 2,500 patients or more. As a patient, this means you wait longer to receive medical care, often feel rushed during appointments and don’t get enough time to talk about all of your health concerns. We understand how frustrating this is!

Amory Medical telemedicine

Dr. Johanna Klein founded Amory Medical, a concierge medical practice based in Brookline, Massachusetts, to create a better experience for patients like you. Just like a typical doctor’s office, we work with your insurance provider, but by limiting the number of patients in our membership-based practice, we eliminate many of the frustrations you typically experience in standard primary care.

Amory Medical compassionate care

At Amory Medical, we believe your doctor’s appointments shouldn’t be rushed, and neither should your healthcare.



Our concierge medical practice provides a higher level of medical care, in a comfortable and welcoming environment where your health is always the first priority.

How Amory Medical is Different

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Amory Medical

Standard PCP

Patient benefits

24/7 access to your care team

Appointments without the rush

Little to no waiting room time

More time with your doctor

Same-day appointments

On-site laboratory for testing

More focus on preventative care



Average visit time is only 13-24 minutes 

Only 10% of patients get same-day care



The Amory Medical team believes you deserve a strong personal health and wellness advocate. Compared to standard primary care, patients of concierge medical practices enjoy a better relationship with their doctor and have higher satisfaction with their care.


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Research has consistently shown that strong doctor-patient relationships lead to better health outcomes, such as improved management of chronic conditions, fewer hospitalizations, and increased likelihood of identifying risky conditions like heart attack or stroke.

Are you ready to begin a better primary care experience?

Dr. Johanna Klein
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